I’m arranging a wellness weekend with a yogi and a runner later this spring! This product will be held in Swedish, so I’ll continue this post in Swedish!

Så kul att äntligen kunna presentera den här helgen som görs tillsammans med två härliga tjejer! Jag med Woods & Water, Ulrika med Yogaro och Alexandra Running Club går ihop för att genomföra en gemensam tränings- och hälsohelg på Omberg i vår – med fokus på att må-bra! Det är alltså inte en träningshelg där vi ska pressa för att prestera utan en helg för avkoppling, för att hitta glädjen i träningen, få balans och koppla av i naturen!

Läs mer om helgen här!



Järvsö is one  of the destinations outside of out main area, that we go to visit a few times each year. The downhill mountainbiking is so great here! They have a scale from green to black, for all levels.
This was our second trip to Järvsö this year – and as usual Dag helped out a lot with tips and tricks.

An old health resort, that’s what Medevi Brunn is. It has this old well that people once thought contained healthy water. The area had a hotel, a pharmacy, café, a church, a bell tower, a restaurant, a bath house and more. This place was active during the 17th and 18th century, and even though it’s not a spa or health resort any longer the houses are still there. It’s not only a museum, it is still used as a hotel, restaurant and café during the summers. Walking around here is a great experience during any season.
We visit Medevi Brunn during our Historical & Healthy tour.

The past two days we’ve had the Historical & Healthy Tour – and documented it quite well this time with photos and Instagram Stories. The place we visited first was the runestone in Rök – called Rökstenen. It has the longest rune inscription in the world!


Then continuing the 10 minute drive to Alvastra Abbey – which is a beautiful ruin at the foot of Omberg. It is quite well preserved and it’s easy to imagine what the life must have been like for the minks once living here. Visiting this ruin in autumn is really nice! We have to wait a few more weeks before the leafs turn golden. We have a guided tour of the area, for about 30 minuts – before eating lunch at Ombergs Turisthotell, 1 minute drive from the ruins of Alvastra Abbey.


These are both parts of the Historical & Healthy tour – you can read more about it here!

Once again we had our Outdoor Introduction, this time for a group of Germans, both adults and children. The fire ban is gone since about a week, and we had pouring rain during the night, which made it possible for us to finally make a campfire again! Although we didn’t have that much time today – we only did the basics, preparing the logs and tinder, and making sparks with the fire steel, and started a tiny fire that we put out after a minute.
We also visited the cave by the water, but could’t enter today due to the waves – a bit too windy today, again.

The castle in Vadstena is a place we visit in both “Cultural & Culinary” and in “Historical & Healthy”. The guides here wear costumes and pretends to be one of the old kings or queens who once lived here.
The castle was built in the 16th century – you’ll learn more about it during the tour!


The wine yard at Särtshöga is very unique – since wine yards are not very common in Sweden. It’s an adorable place, the family that runs it also run a B&B and a restaurant serving home-made pizza. And their own wine of course. This place is included in our tour “Culture & Culinary”

The last time we were there – this beauty spent the evening at our table…


We had one of our kayak tours two days ago – paddling to the caves at Omberg, having some “fika” on one of the tiny beaches before paddling back to the harbor again.

The tour takes about 3 hours. It’s really fascinating to be able to paddle so close to this mountain!

This weekend we had a tour to Järvsö – known as the Whistler of Sweden due to its famous downhill mountainbiking. We left Friday afternoon and arrived in the evening, spent Saturday and Sunday on the trails. It was sunny and not to many people out on the trails so we all ha a great time! Dag gave us some tips so we could improve our technics.

Our next upcoming tour is “Kayak & Eat” from Hästholmen to Omberg on 4th July. We’ll gather in the harbor of Hästholmen at 15.00 and paddle together to the mountain where we’ll stop for a dinner out – literally! Making some food and eating outside before paddling back to the harbor again.