Summer is here – and our summer program has begun! A lot of the times and dates are already fully booked though, due to pre-booked groups and other missions. It’s also 11 degrees, super windy and lots of rain! So far we’ve had to cancel our three first kayaking trips this month – but next week is looking good and we’re really looking forward to that!

But the waves can’t stop us from enjoying the woods – we’ve had a couple of groups this week! The winds keeps the mosquitoes away.

And I finally got some pictures while guiding – thanks to Josefine Schön!

We’ve also supported Wilderness Stories on her way through Sweden by bike, foot and kayak. She borrowed one of our bikes to ride to the other side of the lake. You can follow her adventures and read more about it on @wildernessstories at Instagram and

Yesterday we visited a business friend of ours – Helena at Renbiten. Renbiten is the name of the company, “ren” is the Swedish word for reindeer, and is run by this Sami family.

We took two of the reindeers out for a walk in the woods, and Helena talked about the animals and the nature around us. We stopped for a fika in a tipi and learned more about the Sami culture and religion.

I can really recommend a visit to Renbiten if you are in the area of northern Dalarna (Grövelsjön/Idre).

The past few days we’ve been in the archipelago of Santa Anna in the eastern parts of Östergötland. Here Do The North runs an impressive kayak center with guided and self-guided tours.

Together with Thomas from Do The North and Marcus from Wild Sweden we spent 4 days with Swoop Adventures from the UK – just kayaking around the islands and having discussions and a couple of workshops about sustainable tourism. It went really well, new ideas and new friends!

During Easter we went out kayaking for two days. It was so still on the lakes, not a single wave. Hopefully we’ll get more of these calm days this summer.

During Monday and Tuesday I was in Gothenburg for a meeting with some of the other people involved in the Adventure Travel Summit which is taking place in September. I’ll be hosting one of the Pre Summit Adventures. Looking forward. Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden – but it’s still quite cosy.

1, Clarion Post where the summit is taking place in September
2, Chris Doyle speaking
3, Me presenting by products and some of the people I work with
4-5, Gothenburg pics…


This week have most been about book keeping, so when weekend came we packed the backpacks and headed to the woods.
It was foggy yesterday and it kept raining the whole day. But it’s kind of mystical when it’s like that. We made some pizza by the campfire and slept under the tarp. During the night it started to snow, and when we woke up the sun was shining and the skies were clear!
Went for a cold dip in the lake, made some tea over the fire and headed back home after lunch. Short but lovely vacay!

Past week the snow disappeared completely. It’s been like spring in most parts of Sweden, even far up north.  I took the mountainbike out for a ride on the mountain – lovely! But a bit sad to be able to do this in mid-February…

What’s up at work then? Launched the events we’re having with Elles Utemat this summer, worked with the upcoming workshop for Eart Week and some of the tours. Next week I’ll hopefully be able to announce two more products in collab with some other ladies.

In May we’re arranging a weekend with MTB – looking forward! 🙂


Love February! The sun is back and it’s not som dark and cold anymore. The ski slopes are all covered in snow and we can go skiing every now and then!
In our spare time we run a ski slope not far from here, so we usually hang around there a couple of times each week. But last week we headed up to Örebro and their slopes – another beautiful area.

Anyway, at work everything is ready for the season, we’re just waiting for April to start! We’ve made some new tours available for reservation a few days ago – it’s a daytrip with hiking and outdoor cooking that we’re arranging together with Elles Utemat. And she is also joining us on one of our kayaking weekends in the Lake Vättern archipelago this summer!

Now, Linda is preparing some courses to be held in October-December. Once the season start there will be no time for preparations, so everything needs to be done now! 🙂

. .


In January we made it out on the ice twice – but now the snow has fallen and it’s no longer easy to find ice for skating. Ice Skating, MTB and skiing has been our weekend activities the past month.

At work this week we’ve been on a tour visiting out friends and colleagues within the destination. We are working with some of them in projects, collaborations, markering… Right now we are planning some tour packages for the summer. And we’re arranging a kind of health weekend/Training weekend at Omberg 11-12 May along with Alexandra Running Club and Yogaro. Hiking, yoga and trail running will be on the schedule.

This is gonna be a great year! So much fun coming up. The calendar for the summer is already set – it’ll be kayaking, hiking and guided city walks almost everyday during high season. In May we’re arranging a MTB-weekend, and in August we’ll do a couple of kayaking weekends – one at home, and one as guests in the S:t Anna archipelago.

Right now Linda is preparing some upcoming lectures to be held in February and March.

This time of the year we work a lot with this site, meet our colleagues and make all the plans for spring and summer, and autumn too actually. Once April starts, there will be no more time for preparations until October. 🙂

Picture from hometown Vadstena, where most of our preparations are taking place.