August went by so fast…
kajakpaddling medevi vättern

August felt like three days, haha…. The first two weeks we kept going on as usual with all our activities – I was away on other assignments, but Jonny, Maria, Lisa and Martin held the guided tours and made sure all our guests had a great time.

One week I guided the Womens Wilderness Adventure for Do The North in the Saint Anna archipelago on the east coast (see my last blog post).

We’ve had guided tours as usual, but not as many as during the peak season. So I also went to this guide meet up in Dalarna to hang out with other guides and talk about work and other stuff. I stayed in my car for a few days and rode some downhill at Gesunda Bike park.

A new project for this year, that started in August, is to start a new tourism education at a school in Linköping for teenagers aged 16-20 y/o. So much looking forward to this.
As usual I will also hold lectures at Vadstena Folkhögskola this winter, plus I’m also arranging my own inspiration-weekend for people who want to start their own outdoor-company. So much fun going on and so much happening now in September too!

Here’s some pictures from the past month – taken during our tours and the guide meet-up at Korså Forest Camp.

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