Skiing x working

Love February! The sun is back and it’s not som dark and cold anymore. The ski slopes are all covered in snow and we can go skiing every now and then!
In our spare time we run a ski slope not far from here, so we usually hang around there a couple of times each week. But last week we headed up to Örebro and their slopes – another beautiful area.

Anyway, at work everything is ready for the season, we’re just waiting for April to start! We’ve made some new tours available for reservation a few days ago – it’s a daytrip with hiking and outdoor cooking that we’re arranging together with Elles Utemat. And she is also joining us on one of our kayaking weekends in the Lake Vättern archipelago this summer!

Now, Linda is preparing some courses to be held in October-December. Once the season start there will be no time for preparations, so everything needs to be done now! 🙂

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