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Shortly you will be able to read more about the tours and activities we offer for groups and tour operators. Til then – please feel free to contact us about your interests and we will help you out!

This website will be completed in the end of October.

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How to get here!
We are based right between Stockholm (2hrs) and Gothenburg (2,5hrs) in Sweden, Scandinavia. Within this area we have our mountain/hill Omberg, the bird lake Tåkern, the big lake Vättern and the medieval town Vadstena. A perfect stop on your trip between the east coast and the west coast of Sweden.

The train station in Mjölby is the one closest to us, and from there buses are leaving for either Hästholmen south of Omberg or Vadstena.

What makes our hearts sing?



Friluftsliv is a Swedish word that is difficult to translate to English with just a word. But “friluftsliv” is time spent outdoors to enjoy nature. It is about connecting to nature, to relax and enjoy the life outdoors – by moving around by foot, bike or kayak for example – or to just sit next to a fire, or enjoy a “fika” in the woods.

We offer a guided introduction to the Swedish “Friluftsliv” included all the obligations you need to know about while staying outside in the Swedish nature.


Environment and climate = very important to us. We do not believe that off-setting will solve the problem, but to minimize the emissions will. That is why we work hard to keep our emissions low, don’t use single-use plastics and make all our tours zero-waste.

One way to contribute as a traveler is to travel less often, and to stay longer when you do. We encourage you to stay longer while visiting Sweden – and we offer some % off if you book more tours and stay longer, either with us or with some of our friends! More info is coming soon – but please ask us if you can’t wait!


Sharing is fun! And the reason why we love our work!
To share our love for the Swedish nature and “friluftsliv”, to show you our favorite spots and to tell you stories about our life and ancestors living here before us.

We want to share our passion for “friluftsliv”, and one way to do that is to invite you to our “Friluftsliv Introduction” – a guide to the Swedish outdoor life. Join us for a few hours and we’ll tell you everything you need to know before heading out there on your own!