During summer we offer some guided MTB-tours with groups. Or - if you like to have your own local guide for 1-10 persons that's OK too! It is difficult to find good MTB-trails at Omberg, they exists of course, but are not marked and well hidden - that's why riding with a local guide is so great! 

During the tour we’ll stop several times to catch our breaths, talk and drink water. Omberg’s varying nature is great for mountainbike cycling.

We have different kinds of guides/tours focusing on:
1, MTB Beginners - we ride slow and only on the easy trails.
2, MTB Cross-country - when you're no longer a beginner, but still want to avoid the more challenging downhills.
3, Enduro - for beginners. If you want to learn more about downhill and maybe small jumps.
4, Enduro pathfinder - when you know how to ride, but don't know where to go.
5, MTB intro + rental - first a 2hr introduction with one of our guides, then afterwards you have the bike on your own the rest of the day.

Some of these tours are available online - but you can also contact us at info@woodsandwater.se and reserve your own private guide.

Group tours available online - share the guide with other participants
699 SEK/person incl. MTB-rental and helmet.

Private tour including MTB-rental and helmet
1-4 p: 2796 SEK (2,5h)
5-10 p: 699 SEK/person (2,5h)
The bike sizes are from S-XL (depending on the riders length ): S 155-165cm, M 165-180cm, L 176-188cm and XL 188-198cm.

Private tour excluding MTB-rental
1-4 p: 1999kr  SEK (2,5-3hr)
5 -10 p: 499 SEK/p (2,5-3h)

MTB rental is included on some of the tours Local MTB guide
Transport to/from Omberg
Suitable clothes - please bring clothes suitable for training and weather.

Age limit
None - but the smallest bike we have is for people 155-165 cm.

Questions, reservations and payments

If you have any questions – please contact us at info@woodsandwater.se.
To make a reservation, please use the online booking system below. When you make the reservation you may pay online with a credit card.

New cancellation policy due to Corona virus: You can cancel at any time prior to the start of the activity and get all your money back except for 100sek that we keep as administration fee. But if you cancel the trip after its start you will not be refunded. Please cancel if you or anyone joining you on this trip have symptoms that might be Corona/Covid19.
(These cancellation policies are challenging for a small company such as ours, and we therefore want to ask you to please make your cancellation as soon as you know that it needs to be done. The sooner we have a cancellation, the easier we can find someone else to take your place on this tour. Thank you!)
(Our usual cancellation policy: Pre-booked tours can be cancelled one week prior to its start and you will be fully refunded except for 200 SEK that we keep as administration fee. Cancellations made with less than one week prior to start will not be refunded at all.)

The times offered here are with small groups, with other people joining the group - if you'd rather have your own guide for 1-10 persons - please email us: info@woodsandwater.se

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