A three hour guided tour of the medieval old town Vadstena, famous for its old abbey church and convent. Stroll the narrow streets on a guided tour and visit both the old convent and the castle.

Dates: Mondays and Fridays in July and August


  • A visit to the medieval, old town of Vadstena.
  • Guided tours of the convent area and the great Abbey, designed by Saint Birgitta.
  • Guided tours of the city centre and outside the Vadstena Castle.
  • Relaxing slow-city life and a beautiful countryside
  • A local guide will be at your service throughout the trip.

Facts about the tour
Comfort level: 5 / 5

Activity level: 2 /5
We will go for walks and guided tours but never far.

Max. group size: 12 (more often we're only 4-8 people)

DEPARTURE TIME 12.00 (The tour finishes at 15.00)
Entrance fees Local guide
Meals or beverages
Transport to/from Vadstena

About the tour
This tour is a collaboration between Vadstena Castle and Woods & Water. You start the tour by checking in at the castle reception just before 12.00, to join their English speaking tour for one hour. After the guided tour of the castle - at 13.10, the guide from Woods & Water will meet you on the stone bridge in front of the castle. We then continue our walk through town to the convent area, the abbey and the museum. The tour will finish at 15.00.

Age limit
This tour has no age limit, and is suitable for everyone.

Q: Anything we need to bring?
A: Clothes, camera, personal items.

Q: What's the weather like?
A: Click here to read about the climate in Sweden But we are spending some time outside - so make sure to dress according to weather.

Questions, reservations and payments

If you have any questions – please contact us at info@woodsandwater.se.
To make a reservation, please use the online booking system below. When you make the reservation you may pay online with a credit card.

You can cancel the tour less than 72 hrs prior to its start and be given the money back – except for 200 SEK/booking (not per person), which we keep as an administration fee.
Cancellations made more than 72 hrs prior to start will be fully refunded.
Cancellations on the same day and no-shows will not be refunded at all.

This tour is taking place every Monday and Friday in July-August. Please click on the date below to see available tours.

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Vadstena Castle

Check in at the reception at the castle and join the 12.00 tour in English. Your guide from Woods & Water will meet you outside, on the bridge towards the lake once the castle tour ends at 12.50-13.00.
The Swedish nation’s ancestor Gustav Vasa first built this castle as a fortress of defense in the 16th century. Multiple architectural additions in the 17th century contributed to the majestic expression of today. Vadstena Castle is arguably the most well preserved renaissance castle in Sweden.

City tour

Meet your guide from Woods & Water outside the castle for a guided walk around town.

The Convent Area

Guided tour of the convent area with the great abbey and the old convent. Not only did Saint Birgitta practice religion in Vadstena in the 14th century, she founded a convent that is still operating. The nuns called Birgitta-sisters can be spotted around town doing their daily chores and their guest home is a popular place to stay for recreation and peace..

The End

When the tour is reaching an end we’ll be happy to share some tips on where to go for shopping, food and more sights.