Green at heart Our most sustainable tour of them all. Staying at eco-lodges, travelling zero-waste and spending the days learning about Swedish sustainability, our right to roam and how we can all travel sustainable. This tour is also about connecting with Swedish nature, landscapes and lifestyle, learning about why nature is so important in the Swedish culture and daily life.

In Sweden we have the right of public access ‘allemansrätten’, literally ‘the right of all men’ meaning everyone can freely walk anywhere in Sweden, given that they respect fully the nature and land ownership.  This is taught from an early age and is something we cherish and will share more about on this tour.

Learn about the fascinating woods while hiking at Omberg, renown for the largest concentration of plant species in Sweden.  We visit Lake Tåkern and it’s Naturum exhibition centre, home to over 200 bird species.  Then try your hand at bushcraft skills, make a fire and cook in the outdoors. One day we visit the medieval town Vadstena with its famous convent church and castle.
We stay in a very special place called ‘Urnatur’, in an eco-lodge set deep in the woods.

This is the perfect tour for those who wants to learn more about sustainability – about how to create a more sustainable life and how to travel more sustainable – the Swedish way.

On request


  • Explore the nature around Omberg woodlands during a half day of hiking
  • Enjoy the views over crystal clear lake Vättern and visit Tåkern nature reserve
  • Learn about Swedish outdoor life and how sustainability is intrinsic to the connection between Swedes and the land.  ‘Allemansrätten’ the Right of Public Access
  • Try your hand at making a fire and prepare your own Swedish Fika in the woods
  • Eat locally sourced foods – we will pass the farms who produce what we eat during the tour
  • Omberg – no other forest in Sweden has a greater number of different plant species
  • Enjoy views over the crystal clear Lake Vättern
  • Bird spotting and wildlife watching at Lake Tåkern
  • Stay in an eco-lodge at Urnatur, light a candle in the evening and listen to the forest go to sleep.  There is no electricity here
  • The medieval city of Vadstena
  • Guided tours at the castle in Vadstena and at the convent
  • The ruins of Alvastra Monastery – beautifully situated at the foot of Mount Omberg
  • Hassle-free, our tour guide will be with you during the whole trip
  • All hotels, cafés and restaurants during this trip are run by the families that own them
  • During June to 15th October it is possible to go on a guided kayaking trip to the caves of Omberg for an evening.

Facts about the tour
Comfort level: 3 / 5
We will be staying in eco-lodges with no electricity or running water.  There are toilet and shower facilities at UrNatur – but not in the cottages. There is a bathhouse with showers and urine separated toilets. We will make our dinner in the outdoor kitchen using locally sourced food.  It’s all part of the group experience.

Activity level: 3 /5
We enjoy hiking on the forest trails at Omberg and round the lake at Tåkern.  The trails are undulating but not steep and we take them at a nice steady pace. Otherwise the rest of the trip is mostly walking on level and paved pathways. A guided kayaking tour is optional during June-15th October.

Max. group size: 16

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION UrNatur, Ödeshög or Mjölby Train Station
DEPARTURE TIME Check-in from 16.00
Transport within the area Accommodation
Guide and guided nature tours All Meals.
Transport to/from UrNatur or the train station in Mjölby.

Whats included

  • The transport during the tour – or if you have your own transport…
  • A local guide will be with you during the whole tour
  • Meals: 2x Lunch, 3 x Dinner, 3 x breakfast, 2 x “Swedish fika”
  • Guide – guided tours of Omberg, UrNatur and Tåkern.
  • Accommodation 3 night at UrNatur – double room. Note: UrNatur is a fantastic place, the cottages have no water or toilette. You have to leave the cottage to visit the bathroom. The cottages are placed 5-10 minutes walking from the parking/outdoor kitchen.

Whats not included

  • Beverages
  • The transport to the area.
  • Extra charge for single room – contact us for more information.

One of our local guides will be with the group from start and til the end of the tour.

Age limit
This tour has no age limit, and is suitable for everyone who is able to walk 6km in the woods (of course it is OK to do something else while the rest of the group is hiking…).



Q: Can we come – but travel in our own rental car?
A: Of course – if you want to join this tour but already have a rental car – you can. But the price is the same. It’s better for the environment if we travel together.

Q: Anything we need to bring?
A: Clothes, camera, personal items.

Q: What’s the weather like?
A: Click here to read about the climate of Sweden 

Questions and reservations

If you have any questions or want to make a reservation – please contact us at This is a tour suitable for tour operators, groups of friends or companies. It is only arranged on request – and it is possible to make adjustments to the program to better suit your needs.


Day 1:

16.00 Check-in at UrNatur during the afternoon. Our guide and the hosts at UrNatur will show you around and help you settle in your huts. In the evening we’ll make a dinner together and talk about the sustainability work of UrNatur and their philosophy.

Day 2

09.30 After breakfast we continue to lake Tåkern for a guided nature and wildlife tour. It is only a 25-minute drive from Urnatur. Tåkern is one of the greatest and most famous bird lakes in Sweden.  We will also visit the exhibition here – the building is quite special as it’s made of grass reeds and is architecturally designed.
11.00 We will go on a guided tour of Omberg – the forest in Sweden with the most amount of plant species. We pass beech woods, spruce forest, cliffs and meadows. We give an introduction to the Swedish outdoor life.  How do the Swedes enjoy their outdoors?  Why is it so important to know how the Right of Public access works. We will make a fire, you will learn how to use the fire steel. We also eat our lunch at Ombergs Turisthotell during the hike.
17.00 We are back at our eco-lodges for the nights – at Urnatur. From then on you just have to relax, try the sauna, make some food in the outdoor kitchen, row a boat and listen to the sounds of the forest.

Day 3

9.00 Breakfast is served in the common area of the lodges.
10.00 We continue to the medieval town of Vadstena, famous for it’s cobblestone streets, old castle and a monastery area still used today. During the morning we’ll have a guided walk around town, and visit the castle.
12.00 We eat our lunch at one of the local restaurants in town.
13.00 Guided tour of the old convent area and abbey.
14.30 We continue our travels in the countryside and visit another café, Väderstad Centralkonditori, which has a classification in the White Guide, Sweden’s food bible
16.00 Guided tour of the Alvastra Monastery ruin at Omberg
17.30 We return to UrNatur – tonight you are served a farewell dinner made by a local chef, using only ecologic food. We talk about what we’ve learned and how we can make adjustments in our life – how to live more eco-friendly and to travel more sustainable.

Day 4

9.00 Breakfast is served in the common area of the lodges.
10.00 Check out – and your new, sustainable journey continues…