It may be difficult to find the perfect tour when it’s so much to choose from – that’s why we’ve organized our tours in to three different focus areas:


1, Nature & Comfy: In these tours we focus on the nature (even though we’ll talk about our history too). We’re in the nature in a comfortable way – maybe walking, guided tours, bird watching. We take it slow and stay at hotels or B&B.

2, Active Outdoor life: These tours are a little bit more active and adventurous, we might sleep in tent, go for a bike ride, paddle or zipline.

3, History & Culture: We focus on the historical and cultural sites, more than on the nature (even though some sites are in the nature), stay at hotels or B&B and eat food at restaurants most of the time.


Below you can easier find your own favorite tour:

Multi-day tour!

Next stop Nature

13-14 May, 12-13 Aug, 2-3 Sep

The Outdoor Introduction

Mondays, July-August
Multi-day tour!

Hiking Omberg

Fridays June - August

MTB Omberg

30 May, Mon+Fri in July/August
Multi-day tour!

Medieval Memories

Fridays April - May
Multi-day tour!

Historical & Healthy

21-22 May, 19-20 Aug, 23-24 Sep
Multi-day tour!

Cultural & Culinary

6-8 May, 3-5 June, 26-28 Aug

Guided Tour - Vadstena

Mondays & Fridays, July - August