Payments and cancellations
To read more about our payments and cancellations fees – please click here!

We need your name, address, email and phone number to make the reservation. This is for us to contact you regarding the tour. After sending you an invoice, we need to keep your contact information for seven years, that’s a law in Sweden regarding finance and taxes.
We also need to know your nationality and your passport number – these are the information that the hotels needs to collect and save for all their foreign guests, it is the law in Sweden.
We will never give your contact information to any other companies. We will only use in to contact you regarding the reservation you have made.

Before the tour starts we would like to have an ICE-contact (In Case of Emergency) in case anything would happen. This contact information os not saved after the tour and is only used for emergency.

Photos of you during the tour
We will not take any pictures of you during the tour without your permission. We always ask who wants to be seen on pictures, and if we may use the pictures for our marketing. If you allowed, but changed your mind, just contact us and we will remove it.

Travel Guarantees
We have a Travel Guarantee for our travels – meaning that if the tour is cancelled during or before the departure – you will be given financial help and protection.