Kayak rental

Kayak rental

350 kr650 kr

Choose between three rental stations around Lake Vättern. Omberg, Medevi or Olshammar. In collabortaion with VätternKajak.


In collaboration with our partners at VätternKajak. Choose between three kayak rental stations:

  • Omberg– start at the harbour of Hästholmen. Most people paddle to Omberg, about 3km
    north of the harbour. The cliffs of the mountain are steep and the best place to go ashore
    is either just before you get to the mountain, or at Älvarums udde or at Anudden.
  • Medevi – paddle among ship wrecks and islands in the waters of Medevi. The rental
    station is down by the dock in Medevi, a few kilometres north of Nykyrka (north of
  • Olshammar and the northern archipelago – with around 50 islands to explore. The
    rental station is at Aspa Harbour in Olshammar, only a few minutes paddling from the
    islands of the archipelago.
  • Reservations:
    The online reservation system for the kayaks is opening in May 2019.

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Single kayak, Double Kayak

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