I november höll vi den efterlängtade inspirationshelgen för Outdoorföretagande! Vi var på Ombergs Turisthotell och varvade föreläsningar om prissättning, guidekunskap och marknadsföring med studiebesök och roliga aktiviteter.

Den var en helt underbar helg som kan lika mycket inspiration och pepp tillbaka. Nu planerar vi nya datum för fler kurser – men även fortsättningskurser för de som redan gått första steget!

Last week Elle hosted our hiking tour at Omberg! It’s usually only 2 hours of hiking – but we doubled the time and spent some hours together with Elle to prepare and eat a lunch together!

It was one of those perfect days – beautiful weather, a calm lake, lots of happy hikers – and the food! Elle is such a friendly great outdoor chef! Her dog Iris is such a friendly great outdoor chef! Her dog Iris was there as well of course!

After lunch we had a steep but beautiful hike back to Stocklycke!

Finally – it’s been so windy the past weeks, last week we had to cancel three kayaking trips – but yesterday we made it out on the lake. We had 8 guests with us. And what an evening! It was so calm, sunny and bright! But still a bit cold though – both in the air, and in the water…

We paddled to the caves, and stopped on one of the skerries for some snacks.

Last weekend was our first MTB weekend at the mountain. We arranged guided MTB tours Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The first two days were sunny and windy with great views, and on the third day the fog was all over the mountain – magical! A lovely weekend with lovely participants!

In fact – this was so much fun, and the response afterwards huge, so we decided to do this again. Now we have even more dates available for reservation online!

We’ve just changed and made a completely new webpage! Hope you like it! It´s now much easier to navigate and to find information about our products. All the information and the post we published before are gone – so the blog is starting from scratch again!

The picture I use here is from one of our outdoor cooking events in May.