This weekend we had a tour to Järvsö – known as the Whistler of Sweden due to its famous downhill mountainbiking. We left Friday afternoon and arrived in the evening, spent Saturday and Sunday on the trails. It was sunny and not to many people out on the trails so we all ha a great time! Dag gave us some tips so we could improve our technics.

Jämtlandstriangeln is a +40km hike in Jämtland, in the northern part of Sweden. Most people hike the triangle during three days, and stay at the cabins along the way. Linda and her kids had a week of vacation, and spent five days of the trails. The idea was to walk it in four days, but due to a storm they stayed two nights at a cabin before they continued. The other two nights they slept in their tent.

The weather was lovely the rest of the hike, with great views and a lot of reindeers.

We’ve just got back from one of the islands in the archipelago of Lake Vättern. What a weekend! It was actually very windy – about 14m/s, but we found a lee side on one of the islands and spent two days and two nights there. Just reading books, did some kayaking, cooked some food and slept.

Our next upcoming tour is “Kayak & Eat” from Hästholmen to Omberg on 4th July. We’ll gather in the harbor of Hästholmen at 15.00 and paddle together to the mountain where we’ll stop for a dinner out – literally! Making some food and eating outside before paddling back to the harbor again.

We’ve just changed and made a completely new webpage! Hope you like it! It´s now much easier to navigate and to find information about our products. All the information and the post we published before are gone – so the blog is starting from scratch again!

The picture I use here is from one of our outdoor cooking events in May.