A private guided tour around the mountain with MTB-guide Dag. Learning some new technics and to find the way around the mountain.

We do a few guided tours for the public – but more of these private tours, so if you want to learn more about MTB och MTB specifically at Omberg – send us a request!

Last week Elle hosted our hiking tour at Omberg! It’s usually only 2 hours of hiking – but we doubled the time and spent some hours together with Elle to prepare and eat a lunch together!

It was one of those perfect days – beautiful weather, a calm lake, lots of happy hikers – and the food! Elle is such a friendly great outdoor chef! Her dog Iris is such a friendly great outdoor chef! Her dog Iris was there as well of course!

After lunch we had a steep but beautiful hike back to Stocklycke!

Last week we were out on an Outdoor Introduction with two ladies and their kids. They wanted to do some kayaking, a campfire – and stay the night in a tent – so we did!

First we went kayaking in a nature reserve, making dinner on one of the islands. Then we headed back to the mainland and found a nice campsite where we made a campfire and ate some sweets. Slept the night in the woods before we ate breakfast under the trees and went back home – lovely weather and great hang-out!

Finally – it’s been so windy the past weeks, last week we had to cancel three kayaking trips – but yesterday we made it out on the lake. We had 8 guests with us. And what an evening! It was so calm, sunny and bright! But still a bit cold though – both in the air, and in the water…

We paddled to the caves, and stopped on one of the skerries for some snacks.

Summer is here – and our summer program has begun! A lot of the times and dates are already fully booked though, due to pre-booked groups and other missions. It’s also 11 degrees, super windy and lots of rain! So far we’ve had to cancel our three first kayaking trips this month – but next week is looking good and we’re really looking forward to that!

But the waves can’t stop us from enjoying the woods – we’ve had a couple of groups this week! The winds keeps the mosquitoes away.

And I finally got some pictures while guiding – thanks to Josefine Schön!

We’ve also supported Wilderness Stories on her way through Sweden by bike, foot and kayak. She borrowed one of our bikes to ride to the other side of the lake. You can follow her adventures and read more about it on @wildernessstories at Instagram and www.wildernessstories.com

Yesterday we visited a business friend of ours – Helena at Renbiten. Renbiten is the name of the company, “ren” is the Swedish word for reindeer, and is run by this Sami family.

We took two of the reindeers out for a walk in the woods, and Helena talked about the animals and the nature around us. We stopped for a fika in a tipi and learned more about the Sami culture and religion.

I can really recommend a visit to Renbiten if you are in the area of northern Dalarna (Grövelsjön/Idre).

The past few days we’ve been in the archipelago of Santa Anna in the eastern parts of Östergötland. Here Do The North runs an impressive kayak center with guided and self-guided tours.

Together with Thomas from Do The North and Marcus from Wild Sweden we spent 4 days with Swoop Adventures from the UK – just kayaking around the islands and having discussions and a couple of workshops about sustainable tourism. It went really well, new ideas and new friends!

Back at our favourite accomodation/paradise at UrNatur – stayed in one of the tree huts, chopped wood and cuddled with the lambs. Going back here tomorrow, and I thought I’d write a longer presentation or blog post about Ulrika and Håkan who runs this place. Check out www.urnatur.se

Last weekend was our first MTB weekend at the mountain. We arranged guided MTB tours Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The first two days were sunny and windy with great views, and on the third day the fog was all over the mountain – magical! A lovely weekend with lovely participants!

In fact – this was so much fun, and the response afterwards huge, so we decided to do this again. Now we have even more dates available for reservation online!

Today we had our first event of the season – a wellness weekend in collab with Alexandra Running Club and Yogaro. Together we were able to offer a day with running, yoga, hiking and health talks. We’re doing this again in September! Some of the guests today has already signed up – and so can you!