Summer starts!
linda staaf guidar

Summer is here – and our summer program has begun! A lot of the times and dates are already fully booked though, due to pre-booked groups and other missions. It’s also 11 degrees, super windy and lots of rain! So far we’ve had to cancel our three first kayaking trips this month – but next week is looking good and we’re really looking forward to that!

But the waves can’t stop us from enjoying the woods – we’ve had a couple of groups this week! The winds keeps the mosquitoes away.

And I finally got some pictures while guiding – thanks to Josefine Schön!

We’ve also supported Wilderness Stories on her way through Sweden by bike, foot and kayak. She borrowed one of our bikes to ride to the other side of the lake. You can follow her adventures and read more about it on @wildernessstories at Instagram and

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Det är jag som driver Woods & Water of Sweden! Det är oftast mig ni har kontakt med vid bokningar och förfrågningar, och det är alltid jag som skriver inläggen här på sidan!