This is gonna be a great year! So much fun coming up. The calendar for the summer is already set – it’ll be kayaking, hiking and guided city walks almost everyday during high season. In May we’re arranging a MTB-weekend, and in August we’ll do a couple of kayaking weekends – one at home, and one as guests in the S:t Anna archipelago.

Right now Linda is preparing some upcoming lectures to be held in February and March.

This time of the year we work a lot with this site, meet our colleagues and make all the plans for spring and summer, and autumn too actually. Once April starts, there will be no more time for preparations until October. 🙂

Picture from hometown Vadstena, where most of our preparations are taking place.

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Linda Staaf
Det är jag som driver Woods & Water of Sweden! Det är oftast mig ni har kontakt med vid bokningar och förfrågningar, och det är alltid jag som skriver inläggen här på sidan!