The past two days we’ve had the Historical & Healthy Tour – and documented it quite well this time with photos and Instagram Stories. The place we visited first was the runestone in Rök – called Rökstenen. It has the longest rune inscription in the world!


Then continuing the 10 minute drive to Alvastra Abbey – which is a beautiful ruin at the foot of Omberg. It is quite well preserved and it’s easy to imagine what the life must have been like for the minks once living here. Visiting this ruin in autumn is really nice! We have to wait a few more weeks before the leafs turn golden. We have a guided tour of the area, for about 30 minuts – before eating lunch at Ombergs Turisthotell, 1 minute drive from the ruins of Alvastra Abbey.


These are both parts of the Historical & Healthy tour – you can read more about it here!

Once again we had our Outdoor Introduction, this time for a group of Germans, both adults and children. The fire ban is gone since about a week, and we had pouring rain during the night, which made it possible for us to finally make a campfire again! Although we didn’t have that much time today – we only did the basics, preparing the logs and tinder, and making sparks with the fire steel, and started a tiny fire that we put out after a minute.
We also visited the cave by the water, but could’t enter today due to the waves – a bit too windy today, again.